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Surprise Gift!

Chris was the best to work with! He is so kind hearted and full of positivity. He bought this Town & Country as a surprise for his Godparents today. Thank you for letting us help you make someone else's day!


Thank you for your purchase of our Mitsubishi Outlander! It was a great experience working with you two (and your cute doggy). This vehicle was a perfect choice for your needs, we are so happy we could help you!

Thank you!

Grant and Kimberly needed a low mileage vehicle, we put them in this Ford Focus Hatchback with 50k miles at a very affordable price. We so appreciate your kind words and are thrilled that you are happy with your purchase. 

We love our Customers!

Kelly was in a tough spot and needed the right car at the right price in a short amount of time. I loved working with her and am so glad I could help her out! She is now the proud new owner of a Toyota Camry, happy driving Kelly!!

Florida Bound!

Thank you Walden family, It was a pleasure getting to know you!
The Impala will be a great car to keep at your home away from home in Florida. Have fun on your travels!

Michaels Family

Nothing makes us happier at Quality Certified Auto than helping a family drive away in a reliable vehicle. The Michaels family purchased our Mazda CX9, a great fit for there needs.  

The Mathew's Family

Congratulations Mathew's family! Thank you for your purchase of the 08 Kia Sportage. 
We are so happy you found the perfect, safe car for your new driver in the family!

G6 Family

Congratulations Shawn!! It was great working with you, we are so glad you found your daughter the car of her dreams! 
This G6 is going to keep her safely on the road for years to come.